Navigating our complex world


“We work with you to implement the approaches needed for today’s complex world, and in the process reveal new and novel opportunities that would otherwise not be possible.”

Quintessential’s Founder & Director, Patrick Albina, has worked across the globe in a range of complex multi-national projects. With a desire to return the investment of his lived experiences and knowledge back into the business community, Patrick established the Quintessential team to empower businesses and organisations, by equipping their people with the new skills that are required to deal with the uncertainty and rapid changes in our world.

 “At Quintessential, we believe that when we can see things differently, we can behave differently, becoming more informed and open ourselves up to new and novel possibilities. This mindset shifts creates greater levels of agility, resulting in more resilient workforces, sustainable businesses and the ability to operate more effectively in the grey space of decision-making.”

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Establishing a personal connection with our clients is critical to the success of our business and it is the foundation of the values that we embrace.  Quintessential seeks to create a culture of inclusion and acceptance with everyone that we collaborate with. It is as fundamental as ensuring that we do the simple things well, understand purpose, focus on the people and putting relationships before profits.


We are committed to upholding family values in accordance with Quintessential’s Guiding Principles and providing a working environment that is psychologically and culturally safe.


Quintessential works with a trusted partner to support our valued clients.  Collaboratively, we are able to provide holistic solutions to our clients. EVA Communications is a boutique consultancy that works across all levels of government and the private sector in tourism, health, planning, economic development, non-profit and disaster response and resilience.

Their team are experts in dealing with complex problems, engaging with purpose and giving businesses, government and communities the confidence to make the right decisions.

EVA’s work spans policy development, service improvement, customer journey mapping, reputation management, strategic planning, creative and corporate communications, and crisis response and change communications.

Philanthropic Activities

Quintessential’s values are centred around people and community. Aligned to our values, we donate funds and undertake pro-bono work to support a range of charities and not-for-profit organisations, including:

We regularly donate funds to the Do-Ops and Patrick our Founder & Director, is Chairman of their Advisory Board.

We regularly donate funds to the Sunlight Centre and Patrick our Founder & Director, is a member of the Board of Directors.

Quintessential is a silver sponsor for the Bayside Jets Basketball Club, donating funds for families who cannot afford to pay for club fees, uniforms and equipment.