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Defence is facing new challenges, new technology and a new generation of workforce. The need to do things differently is increasing as old ways are ineffective.

The ability for Defence to plan and navigate the future is more unpredictable than ever due to changes in the geo-political environment, technology, skills and social perceptions.

Defence is less able to rely on the past for our thinking as the road ahead is unknown. The need to empower people and to enable to make more effective decisions in the face of uncertainty is greater than ever before. This requires us to think differently, to look beyond traditional perspectives and to create new pathways forward.

The Quintessential team leverages their extensive knowledge and lived experience to work with the Defence community and build capability by:

  • Modernising their business practices
  • Professionalising their workforce
  • Operationalising their strategy.



Quintessential has a proven track record supporting Capability Acquisition Sustainment Group (CASG), Defence Industry and small-medium businesses who wish to grow their Defence sector activities.  Whether at the highest echelons in Defence or at small business level, our services include:

  • Strategic Business Advisory
  • Program & Project Management
  • Implementing business improvement & capability uplift initiatives
  • Helping you do business with Defence

See below for some examples projects that we have delivered





    Strategic Transformation of Systems Program Offices to better meet the needs of the contemporary business environment in Defence

    Quintessential has undertaken a variety of strategic transformation projects for Defence. Some of these projects include:

    • Enterprise Transformation of the Air Combat Systems Project Office (SPO). This involved the creation of an Enterprise Operationalisation Head Quarters through a wholescale change of people, processes, and systems to better integrate CoA Defence personnel and Defence Industry personnel.
    • Design and development of a new business model for the Uncrewed Aerial Systems Management Unit (UASMU). This involved undertaking a strategic environmental, commercial, and technological evolution analysis to identify contemporary models for a dynamic environment requiring new approaches, skills, and mindsets.
    • Quintessential was tasked by Defence to design and implement SPO reform for Defence System Program Offices (SPOs), including the facilitation and coaching of the Executive Leadership Team as a change lead, involving:
      • The design of the post-reform organisational structure, ensuring consistency with the FPR recommendations
      • The implementation and change management of the post-reform organisation
      • The establishment of a Governance and Assurance framework
    • Design and implementation of a lessons learned strategy by leveraging knowledge management frameworks across several Government agencies to aid in information sharing and continuous improvement.
    Delivering a pilot implementation of an ISO55001 Asset Management approach for maximising organisational effectiveness in delivering value

    Quintessential was engaged as a strategic partner to Defence to undertake a pilot initiative across the Air Domain to design and implement an Asset Management program in accordance with the principles of the ISO55001 Asset Management standard.

    Quintessential undertook the design of an Asset Management program seeking to provide a means by which the decision makers could contextually understand the various factors that contribute to ability of the asset to deliver value. Specifically, it involved enabling those organisations that are part of the platform’s stakeholder community to deliver mission ready and cost-effective capability most effectively.


    Defence Industry

    Developing and implementing an agile culture for Defence Industry to build an Army Telecommunication Network

    Quintessential was engaged by Defence Industry Prime to help design and implement a new organisational model that sought to bring Defence and Defence Industry closer together in collaborative Enterprise structure under a single management framework.  The change required formal structures and contracts to be amended, along with a significant requirement to consider the behaviours, culture, transparency, and trust elements to enable these arrangements to operate effectively.


    Quintessential supported Defence Industry to develop the team culture and new ways of working, as they were about to undertake a project with new technology, a new customer, and a new environment in the ground domain. The client wanted to build a team culture that was agile and creative, embrace the notion of serious play and experimentation, and have the resilience to leverage uncertainty to enable them to find ways of breaking new ground.  We designed a High Performing Team (HPT) program to build the capabilities of the Client’s team using the following principles:

    • Co-creation. Collaboratively building the culture and productivity with the existing team members, then adapting and renewing it with each new cohort of team members
    • Cognitive Fitness. Equipping the project team with the self-awareness, skills, and mindset to be agile and nimble in a dynamic environment
    • Co-existence. Enabling the project team to live its own culture, identity, and ways of working, while remaining aligned with its stakeholders
    Defining an AIC Strategy for Defence Industry, to better engage with local business and build Sovereign Defence Industry Capability

    Quintessential was engaged by a Defence industry Prime to develop an approach towards its Australian Industry Capability (AIC) strategy and detail its plans, procedures, commitments and responsibilities for the establishment and management of AIC for the duration of the contract. A key aspect of this approach was their role in contributing to the achievement of the Defence industry policy objective. In addition to developing the strategy, Quintessential sought to ensure that there was a focus on the elements of delivering Australian Defence capability and driving competitiveness and export potential for local industry to maximise Australian Industry involvement in provision of asset management services for the Commonwealth.

    Defence Readiness for SMEs

    Building an entry into Defence for an engineering & manufacturing business that was already well established in the mining and oil & gas sectors

    Quintessential was engaged by a medium sized engineering business as they sought to diversify their exposure to different markets segments, specifically the Defence sector.  Although they had an existing strategy, the details regarding entry into Defence remained largely undefined, therefore further work is required to better understand the most suitable entry points, the level of investment required, and the risks associated with the approach.  Quintessential undertook this work by defining initial packages of work that could be performed at low risk and in a logical sequence so that they progressively build off each other.  We utilised our business maturity framework to enhance their general capabilities, which could then offer them entry into any sector.  As a subsequent step, Quintessential undertook to implement Defence specific requirements into the management system, which would allow them to be compliant to Defence opportunities.

    Partnering with a local business to prepare and develop their Defence strategy for an Augmented Facial Recognition System (FRS)

    Quintessential has been working with a technology company to identify opportunities for application of their FRS into military operations. A significant effort in this undertaking was the clear identification of their value proposition and the articulation of the capabilities that would provide clear advantages to the operators.  Quintessential supported the technology company by introducing them and helping them to navigate the Defence landscape, whilst establishing the management system that is required to do business with Defence. As a result, a substantial contract scope was negotiated, followed by the delivery and implementation of the new technology to the Defence customer.

    Defence SME

    Building your Defence Readiness


    If you’re a small to medium business owner who aspires to do business with Defence, attempting to navigate the complexity of the Defence environment may leave you feeling confused and overwhelmed. Even if you’ve attended workshops, seminars and training on how to engage with Defence, as a business owner you may still feel confused and hesitant to invest in the process. You may even have more questions than answers! We assist our clients develop Defence readiness using the following process: