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Quintessential has been helping Government and businesses to navigate the uncertainties of the world that we face

  • Our contemporary methods enable leaders to make sense of the complex problem situations encountered, so that they can make more informed, confident, and effective decisions that are holistic and sustainable.
  • Our methodologies leverage the power of Systems Thinking where we solve problems together as a co-creation so that you and your team are integral in the process.
  • Our approach is people-centric, because when communities come together, it is the power of the human factor that stands up apart.
  • Our views are holistic, considering the impact of people, process, structure, systems, technology, and culture.


    See below for some examples projects that we have recently delivered.

      We have a proven track record in delivering strategic change, business growth and reform outcomes at all levels of Government, local Council and small-medium business in building Sovereign Australian Capability, specialising in:

      • Business Improvement & Growth
      • Strategy Development & Implementation
      • Capability Building
      • Disaster Preparation & Management
      • Change & Transformation

        Government & Business

        Developing an implementation action plan for the Reef Joint Field Management Program (RFJMP) strategy

        The RJFMP is a joint Federal/State initiative that manages and protects Australia’s natural assets in the Great Barrier Reef National Park.  Quintessential was engaged to work with the RFJMP Executive Leadership Team (ELT) to develop their strategy to meet Federal, State and World Heritage requirements, and convert it into a practical and tangible action plan.  This was accomplished through a series of facilitated workshops and design activities that distilled a complex and interconnected web of strategic requirements into simple and practical strategic initiatives, which provided the foundation for clear and measurable action planning to:

        • drive an innovative, effective, and efficient Reef Joint Field Management
        • Program for marine and national parks provide guidance for delivery of field management by establishing priorities, strategic directions and intended outcomes
        • establish performance indicators to monitor, evaluate and report on the Program’s performance
        • assist decision-makers responsible for effective allocation of Program resources
        • enable the Program to manage, prioritise and respond to existing and emerging threats to the WHA and the Program.
        City of Gold Coast – a Systems Thinking approach towards an economic placed-based economic development activity

        The City of Gold Coast (CoGC) engaged Quintessential to conduct a place-based engagement project across the City’s core economic divisions. The purpose of the project was to identify and validate the challenges and opportunities within the community and to help the Council to determine the most effective initiatives to promote community cohesion, business growth and economic development opportunities across the region. Quintessential applied its expertise in Systems Thinking and community-centred co-design to deliver a methodology that offered the City with an ability to:

        • Identify a unique value proposition for each division and how to best leverage this for growth;
        • Identify the key considerations for growth and cohesion within divisions and across multiple divisions when seen as a community;
        • Define the interdependencies between divisions and how the divisions may support each other;
        • Determine the impact of initiatives undertaken by the Council on each division, particularly if they may be advantageous to some and detrimental to others;
        • Enable balanced decision-making for the Council, addressing both general regional requirements and specific division requirements.

        Small – Medium Business

        Allweld Manufacturing – Developing their business maturity to build readiness for entry into the Defence sector

        Since 2020, Quintessential has been supporting Allweld Manufacturing, an Indigenous owned small business in regional QLD. Allweld engaged Quintessential to help them grow their business maturity and develop their level of readiness for entry into new sectors. Quintessential assessed Allweld’s strategy and defined a roadmap towards the level of resilience required for doing business with new sectors, including an environmental scan, risk analysis, market analysis and the development of targeted promotional material. An action plan was developed to operationalise strategy.

        Solar Relief – working with a regional Indigenous start-up to convert an idea into a viable business

        Solar Relief is an Indigenous owned small business operating out of Townsville in Far North QLD. Solar Relief provides deployable solar energy power generation to a range of sectors from recreational to City Council to Defence. Our work with Solar Relief enabled them to deliver units to the Army, who subsequently included them as part of their deployment into Operation Talisman Sabre for operational evaluation, resulting in a procurement contract. Solar Relief units were also shipped to North Africa and the Middle East to support aid operations, especially as a power unit to pump fresh water into local townships.

        Education & Training

        International Centre for Complex Project Management – design, development and delivery of a Certificate IV – Leading in Complex Environments

        Quintessential co-designed and developed the award program – Certificate IV in Leading in Complex Environments for the International Centre for Complex Management & Leadership. The program was designed to help leaders make sense of complex environments and equip them with tools and methodologies to make more effective decisions. Patrick has delivered the program to numerous clients, including Government, Defence, Industry, and numerous small-medium business participants.

        Army Cove – creating of modules for the Army’s new an on-line learning environment

        Quintessential was a member of a QUT team that developed a contemporary on-line micro-credentialled program for the Australian Army’s new training environment – Army Cove. Army Cove was designed to over a wide range of on-demand course material for all ranks and all Corps, to aid with professional development.  Specific course material developed by Quintessential included:

        • Complex Project Leadership
        • Managing High Performing Teams
        • Effective Decision-Making
        • Systems Thinking
        • Organisational Transformation.
        Development of an Indigenous Skilling & Education Program (ISEP) for On-Common Country for jobs, career pathways and an opportunity to succeed

        The Quintessential team collaborated with On Common Country (OCC) to develop and build their Indigenous Skills and Employment Program (ISEP), supporting Indigenous people to develop skills and find meaningful employment across a range of industries throughout Far North Queensland. These include manufacturing, mining, agriculture and ecological services. OCC works with RTO’s and businesses to match economic need with community need and ensure greater success of participants through targeted engagement, planning and training delivery. The Quintessential team engaged with a range of small, medium and large businesses to support the development activity, build relationships and plan for OCC’s future growth, resulting in the design of a 4 year Indigenous Skilling & Education Program across northern QLD.

        What our clients say

        “Patrick and the team are very diligent and understand the business requirements to achieve a higher level of maturity. Their approach is smooth but firm. Patrick’s integrity is second to none and keen to help.”

        Craig, Wavelength

        “We have found Quintessential services to be high quality and very professional. Whenever we needed help Patrick was very willing, while getting back to us very promptly.”

        Joanne, Allweld Manufacturing Pty Ltd

        “Patrick, Craig & the entire Quintessential team have been incredibly helpful in assisting VMP eLearning with gaining more of a foothold in the Defence / Defence Industry space. Their ability to make genuine connections with key players and ensure that their clients are speaking to the right people is a really important part of why they are so successful. We look forward to working with Quintessential further into the future & continuing to build our partnership with them. ”

        Natalie, VMP eLearning Australia Pty Ltd

        “Quintessential brings a wealth of experience and expertise. This combination enables them to deliver highly effective training and mentoring in complex project leadership.”

        International Centre for Complex Project Management

        “Patrick Albina is a highly motivated, intelligent professional with keen skills of insight and perspective that are required to be effective in managing organisational complexity. He has the capacity to embrace the technical aspects as well as the people and relational issues which makes him excellent in his influencing and sense making skills to understand and make long term effective change in organisations.”

        Erin, Specialist Educator and Advisor

        “Patrick has been the lead consultant on a number of projects in recent years for CASG, ranging from a comprehensive tailored learning and development framework, asset management principles adaptation to strategic organisational reform and change management.

        His skills, experience and capability to communicate effectively and strategically with all stakeholders is outstanding. As well as delivering exceptional value, he is always going above and beyond, delivering ongoing strategic value to the organisation more broadly.”

        Diana, Senior Manager, CASG

        Some of our clients.